My 1st Kimbap (김밥)

Kimbap (김밥)

This is my 1st ever korean kimbap which is made from a pile of sliced sausages, crab rolls, eggs, cucumber and pickle on a spread of rice and then rolled into a thing sheet of seaweed laver.

Level: Super Easy
Taste: 4/5

Recipe(2 Rolls):
1. *2 sheets of yaki nori (seaweed laver, mine is unseasoned, but you could use the seasoned one too)
2. *3-4 scoops of cooked rice mixed and seasoned well with

  • adequate salt to taste
  • dabs of sesame oil (in this case an approx. *2-3 tsp full)
  • dabs of olive oil (in this case an approx. *2-3 tsp full)


  • Sausages sliced into strips. (Cook via boil/steam/fry/grill, I fried)*(Mine is halal, but you can substitute with ham slices)
  • Crab rolls sliced into strips. (Cook via boil/steam/fry/grill, I fried)
  • Cucumbers, pitted, and mixed with adequate salt, leave to sit for 5 minutes and rinse off.
  • Pickled radish sliced into strips. (I used korean pickled radish, yellow in colour)*(It has a sweet taste, but you can use a sour ones)
  • *2 eggs beaten with adequate salt, and fried whole on a flat frying pan. Cut into strips.

4. Assembling

  • Place a sheet of yaki nori on a bamboo sushi roller, shiny side down.
  • Place rice on the yaki nori to fill at least half of the total area of the yaki nori, and about less than a centimeter thick.(Too thick leads to kimbap bursting)
  • Place fillings, *1 of each filling types.
  • Roll it from the side with rice towards the another part without the rice but stop rolling at 80% before the end of the sheet.
  • Place abit of rice along the edge of the yaki nori’s horizontal end, just enough so that the kimbap will stick as a whole and wont open midway. Roll till the end.
  • Now roll it together with the bamboo sushi roller in squeeze from both ends to the middle as tightly as you can.
  • Unwind and its ready to be sliced. (at least a *1 centimeter thick, too thin would ensue crumbling)

I found this recipe on the internet via youtube, but i forgot from who it was. Anyway, till i remember who it was, heres my heartiest gratitude for the amazing working recipe.


Since it is my 1st time making it, i had some unwanted problems that i encountered.

  1. I didnt pit(remove the seeds) the cucumbers, so when i salted it, it became too salty. (Pit and reduce salt)
  2. I made too much fillings for a two roll, so i ended up putting in more in another, which subsequently erupted from overload. (Stick to *1 strip for each type of filling)
  3. When i cut the kimbap, it crumbles easily, due to the too thin nature of the yaki nori. (Find a thicker yaki nori, also try seasoned ones)